Transport Combination

Transport combination for payloads up to 200t

System solutions optimized for transport:

  • of large volume components with large heights
  • on transport routes with the need to change the position of the load
  • with the maneuverability and flexibility to maneuver
  • with special customer requirements for operation and reliability

Technical equipment:

Landing gear

  • Heavy duty - swing axle units with and without service brake
  • up to 4 axle lines with mechanical axle load compensation
  • from 6 axle lines with hydraulic axle load compensation
  • mechanical-hydraulic steering of the axles


  • unbreakable heavy duty wheels with solid rubber tires (V)
  • alternatively steel disc wheels with super elastic tires (SE)V)
  • all non-maintenance bearing points can be lubricated


  • Electric power pack for powering the steering and adjusting the boiler bridge

Multiple advantages of our boiler bridge:

Reduce maintenance cycles, reduce workshop times to a minimum and thus increase the efficiency of steelmaking machines. These aspects and much more are fulfilled by TECO's new boiler bridge thanks to its robust design and extreme maneuverability.

TECO GmbH is known for its innovative and competent design solutions in the field of special machinery construction. Several products have already been built in a smaller payload range. Now new requirements came from a steel mill operator for the maintenance of the steel production facilities. In addition to the economic interests, the technical aspects in terms of occupational safety, redundancy requirements and plant site conditions posed a major challenge.

The transport combination with the axle loads currently installed has a payload of up to 100 tons. Thanks to its intelligent division into two modules and a connecting piece, the so-called connecting bridge, it has a high degree of maneuverability as well as flexibility for maneuvering. The transport of large-volume components is thus possible even in narrow factory streets.

The two modules at the front and rear are equipped with proven swing axles and have mechanical axle load compensation. This has the advantage that no maintenance-intensive leveling or suspension elements are installed in the axle area.

To meet redundancy requirements and prevent the entire vehicle from coming to a standstill due to technical defects, all hydraulic elements have been installed twice. By switching over to a second available hydraulic circuit, continuation and termination of the transport is guaranteed at all times.

The main focus during development was on the confined environmental conditions and the maneuverability required as a result. This could only be realized by a specially developed steering system. The rear module has a redundant hydraulic coupling to the connecting bridge and is independently controlled by a self-steering system. In addition, the driver has the option of controlling and maneuvering the rear module individually by means of a radio remote control in the event of particular bottlenecks.

This enables the driver to adjust the transport height and inclination of the boiler bridge, which is over 20 m long and 3 m wide, individually to the local conditions at the plant by means of a remote control. Depending on the condition of the ground, the center section of the boiler bridge can be hydraulically lowered to a few centimeters above the ground, thus reducing the overall transport height to a minimum.

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