Entwicklung eines Mobilkrans in CAD der TECO GmbH

Mobile cranes, loading cranes & lifting technology

  • Compact cranes with 20 t to 40 t S.W.L., extreme maneuverability, versatile use
  • Mobile cranes with 80 t to 100 t lifting capacity
  • Chassis development (4- / 5-axle)
  • Articulated arm systems up to 850 tm S.W.L., large working range with small dimensions
  • Attachments on the boom

The crane technology projects include the overall development for compact cranes with hydrostatic travel drive and diverse jib attachments with telescopic adapter technologies. Furthermore, we do the overall development for mobile road cranes with new axle suspension and for weight-optimized chassis for multi-axle mobile cranes. For the boom technology of telescopic booms, customers can choose between boom telescoping systems with single cylinder locking technology and multi-cylinder rope drive technology. The customers get the calculations of crane parts and component design.

In addition to telescopic cranes, we also design loader cranes with the components of crane column, knuckle boom and tip boom. The developed outriggers with the outrigger frames and the frame technology ensure safe standing.

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