Calculation of the entire system

Precise calculation of the entire system - Optimal design of the system concept

Our approach and goals:

  • Collecting implementation options
  • Feasibility study with the help of years of experience and with simple basic design calculations
  • first experienced basic design saves time and costs in later detailed recalculation and construction

In crane technology, load capacities play a decisive role. To ensure that cranes operate efficiently and reliably, load calculations are performed. Factors such as the type of load, crane type, reach and other parameters are taken into account. Accurate calculations can determine the maximum load capacities and size the cranes accordingly to ensure safe handling of the loads.

The calculation of axle loads is another important aspect in the design of cranes. By accurately analyzing the load on each of the crane's axles, overloads can be avoided and crane stability can be ensured. This includes consideration of factors such as the position of the load, the outreach and the specific characteristics of the crane type.

The calculation and design of drive ratings is also of great importance to ensure that cranes can deliver the required performance for their operational tasks. This involves taking into account factors such as the lifting capacity, the speed of movement, acceleration and braking operations, and the specific requirements of the application. Precise calculations can be used to determine the required drive ratings and select the right drive systems.

The dimensioning of the steering kinematics is another decisive factor in the design of cranes. Steering plays an essential role in the maneuverability and controllability of the crane. By carefully analyzing and calculating the steering kinematics, the correct steering mechanisms and steering systems can be selected and sized to ensure precise control and optimum maneuverability of the crane.

Overall, precise calculations and careful sizing are essential in crane engineering to ensure crane performance, safety and efficiency. By taking into account load capacities, axle loads, drive powers and the dimensioning of the steering kinematics, optimal solutions can be developed to meet the specific requirements and operating conditions.



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