FEM calculation

Precise simulation power for robust designs - innovations are made possible

Special features from TECO based on years of experience:

  • Verification of the results with the help of visualizations
  • Validation of the results based on the required properties/load spectra according to the specification sheet
  • Analysis and discussion of the results with the customer
  • Providing evidence to testing institutions

FEM calculations are a powerful tool for achieving a variety of goals. They enable a comprehensive analysis of the as-is situation, reduce the need for costly practical strength testing and prototyping. At the same time, they help reduce material usage and optimize manufacturing costs.

By performing static stress analyses and deformation calculations, using an extensive material library, strength calculations become possible for both individual parts in steel construction and complex assemblies of combined mechanical systems. Both linear and nonlinear calculations in the transition region to permanent deformation can be performed.

Motion analysis enables the simulation of complex kinematic systems such as steering systems or lifting devices. It includes collision investigations, functional tests and the derivation of suspension, damping, friction and forces. In addition, displacements, velocities, accelerations and energy consumption are evaluated.

Modal analysis enables the calculation of eigenvalues, eigenvectors and excitation frequencies, while buckling analysis investigates stability failure under compressive loading.

Weight optimization, for example for frame structures or cantilever elements, contributes to cost reduction of material usage and stiffness optimization.

In addition, FEM calculations allow durability and service life calculations for steel structures, leading to a better assessment of structural integrity.

Overall, FEM calculations offer a wide range of benefits, from cost reduction and optimization to ensuring durability and service life of structures. They are an indispensable tool for efficient and effective engineering.



Strength calculation of framework structures


Deformation analysis axle connection


Calculation of trusses and connections


linear and non-linear calculations of crane structures

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