We offer
customized and
innovative solutions
from a single source!
We offer customized and innovative solutions from a single source!
  • Transportkombination KB100 von TECO
  • Fahrwerks- und Antriebstechnik Konstruktion in CAD von TECO
  • Gesamtfahrzeugentwicklung und Konstruktion eines Mobilkrans von TECO
Low-loader trailer / transport combination KB 100 from TECO


We manufacture innovative transport solutions and welcome challenges. We provide our customers with the finished product from a single source.

Image of a development of chassis and drive technology from TECO

Chassis and drive technology

For customer-specific chassis, we develop independent axle systems for on-road and off-road applications. Know-how in combination with modern development tools brings the best solution.

CAD representation of a mobile crane as a complete vehicle from TECO

Total vehicles development

We develop customized solutions. Each project phase is individual and tailored to the customer. We accompany our customers from the idea to the finished service and relieve our customers by a full-scope project implementation.

Schwerlastanhänger entwickelt und konstruiert von TECO

About TECO

Since 1998, our main focus has been on the development and construction of customer-specific requirements. Our engineers work with the highest accuracy, flexibility and proven technologies. TECO GmbH accompanies the customer throughout the entire development process, starting with the preparation of the specifications, the design and construction, as well as the production and assembly of the products. We understand not only the individual components, but also the energy chain of the overall system. As a customer of TECO GmbH, you have the decisive advantage of getting everything from a …


TECO transport combination KB100 in "Staplerworld" magazine

On page 48 of the "Staplerworld" magazine, you can gain an insight into the development of our KB100 transport combination.


New corporate flyer

Discover our new corporate flyer and get a compact picture of our service areas of chassis and powertrain technology and complete vehicle development …


TECO transport combination KB100 in the magazine "Kranmagazin"

Extract from the magazine "Kranmagazin": "When developing the new KB100 boiler bridge transport combination, TECO's project team incorporated the …


TECO Transport combination

Our transport combinations are highly maneuverable and flexible for maneuvering. With a payload of up to 200 t, they are ideally suited for transporting large-volume components at great heights.

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