Industrial and heavy duty trailers

Payload 30t to 300t

Technical equipment:

Landing gear

  • Heavy duty - swing axle units with and without service brake
  • With mechanical axle load compensation or with hydraulic axle load compensation
  • mechanical-hydraulic steering of the axles


  • unbreakable heavy duty wheels with solid rubber tires (V)
  • alternatively steel disc wheels with Super-Elastic tires (SE)
  • all non-maintenance bearing points can be lubricated


  • Special bodies with scaffolds and adapters for various loads
  • Electric power pack for supplying the axle lift system and readjusting the hydraulic steering system

More Information:

Our rugged and highly durable heavy-duty trailers have specially adapted heavy-duty axles and pendulum axles, built into pendulum rockers to optimize maneuverability. Depending on operating conditions, mechanical steering systems or hydraulically redundant steering links are selected for precise maneuvering.

The undercarriages and axle rockers are equipped with solid rubber wheels such as bandages or Super-Elastic tires (SE tires). The transport solutions are characterized by a low overall height for optimum payload. Due to the adapted axle load balancing systems, there is maximum stability even with an increased center of gravity.

We produce industrial trailers for different applications in internal transport. These standard trailers with trailer drawbars are a simple and cost-effective transport solution. The components such as towing eyes, trailer coupling and trailer mouth is adapted in each case to the customer's needs. The focus here is on the economic aspect for a simple and cost-effective, and also robust solution.

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