Entwicklung von elektrifizierten Muldenkipper in CAD

Electrification of conventional vehicles in the construction machinery / mining sector

  • Conversion of used vehicles to new drive concepts with modern energy-efficient components
  • New development of hybrid drive concepts for optimal adaptation to operating conditions

Our sustainable concept

Construction machines require a general overhaul after approx. 25,000 operating hours. The transmission and the diesel engine usually have to be replaced or extensively repaired. The steel structure and the other components are still completely ready for use.

This is where our idea comes into play. Instead of costly restoration, the existing machine can be converted to an electric drive system. In our concept, it does not matter whether the drive system is to be purely electric or with additional storage in the form of a fuel cell with hydrogen storage.

Here we use components which have already reached series maturity on the market and thus represent a high level of reliability.

Dump trucks and handling vehicles

A special development are the dump trucks and bulk handling vehicles with modular design and hybrid drive. The modular design allows the vehicle to continue running if individual components fail. The costly large engines from small series are replaced by engines from series production.

Special axle systems have been developed for the mining vehicles and off-road vehicles. With the load distribution on several axles and wheels, a road-friendly operation is possible and reduces the maintenance costs of the infrastructure.

The innovative concepts are tailored to future market requirements in the field of mine transport and mining technology. The dump trucks drive autonomously on defined routes.

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