Pallet lift trailer

Payload 50t to 210t for industrial tractors with fifth wheel load up to 45t

System solutions optimized for the transport of:

  • Slabs and rolling stock
  • Coils
  • Bulk materials of all kinds
  • Light and heavy scrap

Technical equipment:

Landing gear

  • Heavy duty - swing axle units with and without service brake
  • hydraulic axle compensation in longitudinal direction
  • Axle stroke approx. 600 mm
  • Loading area stroke approx. 400 mm
  • from 3 axle lines with steering of the trailer axles


  • unbreakable heavy duty wheels with solid rubber tires (V)
  • alternatively steel disc wheels with Super-Elastic tires (SE)
  • all non-maintenance bearing points can be lubricated


  • Equal lift system of the axles coordinated with the fifth wheel lift of the tractor unit
  • Tilting device for tilting pallets with telescopic cylinder
  • Hydraulic pallet lock
  • Steel plate cover over the control and landing gear internals

More information:

The standard pallet lift trailers are available for all common industrial tractors with a fifth wheel load of up to 45 t.

Customized adaptation with tipping system or weather protection roof result in an optimal handling system for transporting meter-long slabs, coils weighing several tons, rolled material and bulk materials of all kinds, as well as light scrap and heavy scrap.

We design interchangeable pallets and tipping pallets with attached tipping troughs. The underride pallets or transport racks can be adapted to existing lift trailers or pallet lift trucks. Specially designed steering systems allow for precise navigation in confined travel areas. By incorporating tipping systems and weighing equipment, the interchangeable systems have economic advantages. Field-proven products ensure rapid entry and exit of the towing vehicle and lifting of the pallets.

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