Mechanical and hydrostatic drive

Mechanical drive

  • Power ranges from 20 kW to 500 kW
  • Applications for commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, cranes
  • Easy assembly and maintenance

For trucks and special vehicles, we develop powertrains with permanent or selectable all-wheel drive.

The transmission and axle technology is specially designed to meet the specific requirements in terms of traction, off-road capability and energy efficiency. With switchable differential locks in longitudinal and transverse direction, the drivelines can be configured specifically to the application requirements.

The selection of proven components and subsystems results in a wide range of driveline variants with the required technical properties in accordance with the specifications. Depending on customer requirements, drive transmissions with automated shifting or torque converter transmissions or manual transmissions are integrated into the driveline.

Hydrostatic drive

  • Power ranges from 80 kW to 500 kW
  • Applications for off-road vehicles, cranes, industrial vehicles
  • Flexible integration in the complete vehicle possible

For construction machinery, the hydrostatic drive is a weight-optimized and economical solution.

The low installation space requirement and the relatively free installation positioning of the components has proven itself in many construction machinery applications.

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