Total vehicles development

We develop customized solutions. Each project phase is individual and tailored to the customer. We accompany our customers from the idea to the finished service and relieve our customers by a full-scope project implementation.

We develop mobile cranes, knuckle boom cranes, lifting technology and special vehicles for material handling for our customers.

The complete vehicles are developed according to the following process:

  1. Creation of specifications together with the customer
  2. Project planning and creation of various concepts including concept evaluation, cost analyzes and property rights reviews
  3. Discussion of the concepts with the customer and joint selection of the concept for further development including determination of the suppliers
  4. Detail development
  5. Support the prototype assembly and function tests
  6. Creation of operating manual

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All requirements and economic details, which are determined in coordination with the customer and the users, are included in the specification sheet. The specifications can be supplemented and adapted during the concept development based on new findings.

During the project planning, various conceptual constructions are created, based on which the first calculations about kinematics and strength are made. The different concepts are sufficiently detailed to be able to determine criteria for economic efficiency, technology and assembly.

Once the concept has been assessed, the solution concept and the appropriate suppliers can be selected together with the customer.

The boundary conditions for the detailed development are defined with the specified criteria from the solution concept and the specification sheet. Depending on the project, the various main assemblies are processed in parallel by the team. Strength calculations, simulations of motion sequences and component designs are carried out in parallel with the assembly design. The integration and design of the control technology for hydraulics, pneumatics and electrics are the focus of system development for the entire vehicle. The drawings, parts lists and component specifications for production and purchasing are created.

This is followed, depending on the customer's requirements, with production support for the prototype components and assembly support during prototype assembly, as well as the accompanying cost analysis of the project.

TECO creates the flow charts for trials and function tests and supports the customer in legal certification processes.

After the function tests have been carried out, the operating manual, the maintenance documents and the spare parts lists for the project are created.

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