Dump truck

Dump truck 100 t

Rebuilding of trucks with rigid frames and trucks with articulated steering

  • Solutions for converting used vehicles to new drive units and drive trains with modern, energy-efficient components.
  • Hybrid drive solutions for optimal adaptation to the operating conditions

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New drive technologies for material handling vehicles and dump trucks increase operational readiness, reduce energy consumption and meet the latest emission regulations.

The drive technology in modular axles and in hybrid units allow the vehicle to continue driving even if individual components fail.

Thanks to the modular design, engines from large-scale production replace the expensive large engines from small series. By distributing the load over several axles and wheels, road-friendly use is possible and thus reduces the maintenance costs of the infrastructure.

The dump trucks drive autonomously on defined routes. In some cases, the driver's work is limited to control functions or to performing special maneuvers.

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