TECO develops and analyzes for special vehicles, construction machines, cranes and special machines

  • extensive gear and kinematic systems
  • new movement systems for customer-specific tasks and requirements
  • new axles and drives
  • Machines and lifting gears
  • the design and dimensioning of the required components
  • the necessary parameters and creates the technical data sheets and construction drawings

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Our calculations of lever gears and the simulations of the motion sequences result in optimal solutions for our customers' new products.

The demand for ever more powerful systems in the tightest and limited space requires the detailed simulation and calculation of lever drives and kinematic systems in the overall vehicle conditions.

This results in a largely even torque curve, continuous bearing forces and overloading of individual components is avoided.

The simulations are used for axle development in order to reduce the installation space and increase the steering ability.

In the area of lifting gears, the simulations are a crucial element in increasing the load capacity and expanding the work areas of the systems. 

The simulations provide important data for creating the specification data sheets for the individual components of maschines and systems.

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